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Realty Advisors, Ltd. and Property Corporation of America both stem from the experience of its founder and President, Howard Silver. Mr. Silver’s background is in real estate finance and development. After graduating college, he became a CPA with his first experience being at a public accounting firm that specialized in real estate.

From there he went into the real estate development field, where he was a corporate officer for a premier Chicago area developer having major commercial projects in the suburbs and whose crowning development was a 58-story mixed use building at Michigan and Oak Streets in downtown Chicago.

Mr. Silver then became a corporate officer of what was the second largest homebuilder in the Midwest.  With that company, he developed entire single-family communities in the Chicago suburbs and condominiums in the South Loop.  The company also owned and managed residential and commercial properties.

It was in 1990 that Realty Advisors, Ltd. was formed–the parent company of Property Corporation of America.  Since then, the company has been managing associations and rental properties for our clients.  We currently have properties in our management portfolio with locations from the Chicago lakefront and north side to the north, west and northwest suburbs.

Howard Silver also had another real estate related position that gave him additional depth.  For twenty-five years, Howard was a member of the Glenview Plan Commission, having been its chairman for the last eight of those years.  He was also chairman of the Glenview Naval Air Station [a/k/a “The Glen”] Redevelopment Commission.  With his depth of local government service, Howard brings a keen knowledge of community development to the company’s professional management abilities.  He understands the workings of municipal government and is able to be a liaison between residents and their community leaders in matters of development and village services.

In addition, his chairmanship required him to run effective meetings while having to balance the desires of varied groups of diverse opinions and staying mindful of the requirements of established ordinances and laws.  This might sound like a familiar scenario for anyone that has ever attended association meetings.  His experience enables him to facilitate consensus based on laws, regulations, and mutual fairness.